Our Story

Bill Beynon & Blaine FergusonCapital Wealth Advisors 

A values-driven company, with a passion for building solid relationships.

Co-Founders Bill Beynon and Blaine Ferguson have known each other their entire lives. Born just a month apart in Northern West Virginia, they attended pre-school through college together, forming a lifelong friendship. After college, Bill was recruited into the insurance industry. His career took him to Naples, Florida, where he became a Partner in a financial and estate planning firm. Blaine joined the United States Marine Corps and served as a helicopter pilot in Kosovo and Afghanistan, achieving the rank of Major. Following 10 years of duty, Blaine transitioned to a career as an advisor with a national brokerage firm in Atlanta, Georgia. Although worlds apart, Bill and Blaine remained close and spoke often about the future.

Day One

Without any clients, Capital Wealth Advisors launched on December 1, 2004. That first day Bill and Blaine worked on folding tables in a partially completed office in Downtown Naples. Although they were surrounded by bare walls and temporary lighting, they were determined to grow the firm into a large, broad-based financial services firm.

Hometown Connection

Over the next 8 years, Capital Wealth Advisors grew rapidly, adding an asset management business and a family office.

In 2012, while hosting a West Virginia University Alumni event, Bill and Blaine met Frank Cerminara. As it would turn, Frank grew up in the same area as Bill and Blaine in Northern West Virginia. Frank immediately saw the potential for a business partnership and suggested that Bill and Blaine meet his son Kyle and fellow business partners Lewis Johnson and Joe Moglia, who had just started their own asset management firm, Fundamental Global Investors.  Kyle and Lewis had spent their careers working for prestigious firms such as T. Rowe Price, Louis Dreyfus and Pequot Capital. Joe also lead an illustrious career as the former CEO and current Chairman of TD Ameritrade. In a very short time, it became evident that working together would result in a whole much stronger than the sum of its parts.

In 2012, Capital Wealth Advisors and Fundamental Global Investors formed a partnership. Kyle Cerminara and Lewis Johnson serve as the Co-Chief Investment Officers of the firm. As the current Chairman of TD Ameritrade, Joe brings many years of experience and wisdom that are invaluable to the growth and vision of the firm.


CWA PartnersSince 2004, Capital Wealth Advisors has experienced tremendous growth in its Asset Management, Risk Management, and Family Office divisions. The Capital Wealth Advisors team has grown to over 40 professionals and the company has thrived. In addition to its headquarters in Naples, Florida, the firm has offices in Miami, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; Mooresville, North Carolina; and Omaha, Nebraska. Today, Capital Wealth Advisors has clients in over 40 states and has achieved national recognition for its work. Most importantly, Capital Wealth Advisors is active in the local community, giving time and resources to various local charities.

As we look to the future, we do so with the knowledge that we will continue to rely upon the principles that have successfully brought us to this point – namely, a foundation built upon solid relationships, commitment and a willingness to embrace opportunity.