Together we build a foundation of confidence that allows our clients to enjoy their wealth without worry

Family Office Services

Family Office Services at Capital Wealth Advisors means working with a specialized team dedicated to providing a full complement of services to help you effortlessly enjoy your personal prosperity.

In crafting management solutions for your family office, we aim to identify, analyze and resolve special areas of concern. These may include your long-term strategic financial goals, such as wealth or risk management, or it may mean the daily business of smoothly running a large estate, such as bookkeeping and accounting services. Your privacy is always paramount, and our team remains focused on delivering an exceptional, client-focused experience that begins and ends with our complete attention to your needs.



Family Education

Affluent families are often challenged with how to transfer financial stewardship from one generation to another. Most families share a common desire to prepare future generations for the vast responsibilities that come with inherited wealth. Our educational program helps prepare multiple generations for future success.